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Date - 26.10.2022

Filename -

Changes -

* logging and detailed error messages for installation

* backend/appsop: fix: language package installs successfully from the second time only

* refactoring add/remove language to fix duplicates and sql exceptions

* fix php8 incompatibilities

+ add Event Log Viewer extension

+ ablitity to install extensions from migration

* fix: assign translation hashes in migrations

* move email-template to helper

* fix design boxed running from backend

* fix: prevent double slash in admin urls

* fix install: windows error - index.php was not unzipped sometimes

- remove remain of extensions: AttributesImages, AttributesQuanity, AttributesDetails, ReportChangesHistory, ProductBundles

* php8 compatibility

+ add hint info for extensions fields

+ ability to uninstall extension in migrations

+ ability to update translations for extension in migrations

* fix products suppliers updating when attributes selected

* admin/attributes fix: products button did not work

+ ability to add customer input fields to attributes

+ add log on mail error

* add hook to product props

* fix: history button show page not found error

* fix: inactive products removing when removing any product from saved order

* fix: script error in main.js

- remove old settings for customer groups, bundle products, displaying sales stats and shipping methods separately

* fix theme migration

* fix create css

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