Configuring Opayo Server by Elavon Module for osCommerce 2.2

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This user guide provides step-by-step instructions for configuring the Opayo Server by Elavon module on osCommerce 2.2. Please refer to the manuals "Installing Opayo Server by Elavon Module for osCommerce 2.2 via Installer" and "Zip File" before proceeding with this guide.

If you installed the Opayo Server by Elavon module via Zip File, click on the "Opayo Server by Elavon" module and then on the "Install Module" button. If you installed it via Installer, this step is automatically done for you.

1 Paym modls.png

If you do not have a vendor login name yet, click on the "Visit Elavon Website" link.

2 Paym modls 2.png

Fill in the required fields and click on the "Submit Your Request" button.

3 Request.png

You will see the success page so wait for the call from an Elavon payment specialist. Once you confirm your request with them and after your account is created, you will receive the email that will include your vendor login name.

4 Success letter.png

After you get your vendor login name, click on the Edit button.

5 Edit b.png

With the help of the settings for Opayo Server by Elavon module you can:

  • Accept Opayo Server payments.
  • Fill in the vendor login name to connect to the gateway with.
  • Select either 3 or 4 API version - 3DS version 2 – SCA - requires API 4.00
  • Select the processing method to use for each transaction – either Authenticate - checks a credit card or Deferred - blocks a small amount of money on a credit card or Payment - processes the whole amount. Depending on the transaction method the corresponding order status is set. In turn, when the order status is switched to the required one and if only the small amount of money was previously blocked, the system will process the whole payment.
  • Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value.
  • Include the transaction information in this order status level.
  • If a payment zone is selected, it enables this payment method for this zone only.
  • Perform transactions on the either production or testing server.
6 Setting.png
  • Verify the transaction server SSL certificate on connection.
  • Send API requests through this proxy server - host:port, for example: or
  • Fill in the debug e-mail address, so all parameters of an invalid transaction will be sent to this email address.
  • Sort order of display will show this payment method - lowest is displayed first.
7 Settings 2.png

By following these instructions, you can effectively configure the Opayo Server by Elavon module for osCommerce 2.2.