Adding Paid Module from Account

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If your website has not been connected to App Shop yet see the manual Connecting to App Shop first and then see this manual.

Login to your account on

Image 1246.png

Find the required module.

Image 1247.png

Click on Add to Cart button.

Image 1248.png

Click on Go to cart button in the pop up window.

Image 1249.png

Select the domain for all the products in the cart or for this particular product only. You can choose the domain later as well. Then choose the preferred payment method and click on the corresponding button.

Image 1250.png

Login to your PayPal account or create an account.

Image 1251.png

Complete your purchase.

Image 1252.png

You will see the success page confirming that your order has been received.

Image 1253.png

Navigate to the admin area of your website and click on App Shop and My Library tabs. The module is ready for installation.

Image 1254.png