Updating to the Newest osCommerce v4 with AppShop

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Moving to AppShop via your website's admin area is the first step. Navigate to the System Update tab. Here, you'll find your current osCommerce version along with an offer to upgrade to the latest version.

Click the "Update now" button to initiate the update process.

1 Sysupdate tab.jpg

You'll observe the update process starting.

2 Update process.jpg

As the update progresses, scroll to the bottom of the screen. If any files differ from the original version, you'll encounter a screen indicating this.

3 Screen.jpg

Review the list of files that differ from the original version.

4 Files different from original.jpg

If you haven't customized the original version, it's advisable to leave everything unchanged. Return to the bottom of the screen and click the "FORCE UPDATE EXCLUDE MARK" link. Upon clicking, you'll see the update process highlighted in blue lines.

5 Blue lines.jpg

Scroll to the bottom of the screen once again to verify that the update has been successfully applied.

6 Update successfull.jpg

Updating to the newest osCommerce v4 using AppShop is a straightforward process that ensures your website remains up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.