Setting up Google Login

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Note: This manual is for osCommerce v4.

Create the new project.

Image 300.png

Click on APIs and Services and OAuth consent screen tabs.

Image 301.png

Click the radio button for External.

Image 302.png

Fill in the required fields.

Image 303.png

Specify the authorized domain(s) as well as fill in another required field on this page.

Image 304.png

For the rest of the steps you can just click Save and Continue button to bypass.

Image 305.png

Click on Credentials tab, on Create Credentials drop down list and then on OAuth client ID option.

Image 306.png

Fill in the required fields in the way it is shown below as a sample.

Image 307.png

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the pop up window.

After you access the admin area of your website click on Settings and Socials tabs. Choose the required front end, click on Google social module and then on Edit button.

Under Authorization tab paste your Google keys in the corresponding fields.