Setting up GA4

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Login into Google Analytics.

Select an account for example:

Image 1020.png

Go to the “admin” part (left hand side).

Image 1019.png

Similar to follow page will appear:

Image 1018.png

Make sure you selected correct account:

Image 1017.png

And use “GA4 Setup Assistant”:

Image 1016.png

Follow "I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 property" steps:

Image 1015.png

After “Create and continue” your result will be: Green note - "Connected"

Image 1014.png

Follow: "Go to your GA4 property"

Image 1013.png

Make sure all selected as required, save and back to "Setup Assistant"

Image 1012.png

Right hand side (near "Collect website and app data") select arrow and select menu "Manage data streams"

Image 1011.png

"Web stream details" window will appear.

Image 1021.png

Select "View tag instructions"

Image 1022.png

Select  "MEASUREMENT ID" and insert it in the shop's backend.

Image 1023.png

Both codes (Universal Analytics and G4) are supported.

On this G4 setup is complete.

You may check it in source code:

Image 1024.png

And in Google Analytics: "Reports" -> "Real-time"

Image 1025.png

"USERS IN LAST 30 MINUTES" value will be positive.