PayPal Integration with osCommerce

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Note: This manual is for osCommerce v4.

PHP 7.3 is required (PHP 7.2 does not work with the PayPal library).

If the PayPal module is not set up yet set it up by clicking on Modules, Payment and Online tabs and then on PayPal quick setup button (the other modules are available for setting up by switching on Show not installed switch).

Choose the required option in the pop up window by clicking on the corresponding radio button.

While creating the new PayPal account all the data appears from the platform (sales channel) data. It can be changed if necessary. Then click on Update and Process on boarding button.

Note: After you click on Process on boarding button you will get to the creating account page on PayPal. Make sure you pass all the steps to create the account there.

After you get to the following page on PayPal follow the instructions sent to your email address to complete the process.

Note: Regarding the sandbox PayPal accounts the emails are not sent at all but can be accessible in the logs of the developer website.

Note: If the On Boarding process is not complete (due to the fact that the email was not confirmed or any other message about an error) but the PayPal account has been created already resolve the issue with the PayPal account and then just login to it using the separate button and grant permissions to TrueLoaded for creating payments and so on. When you click on the button the corresponding fields will appear so fill in your API data there.

Image 255.png

After the process is complete there is the message that the seller is boarded and the payment via PayPal Express can be received.

The PayPal buttons appear on the shopping cart page.

PayPal also recommends to show the same buttons on the checkout page. In order to do it click on Settings, Configuration and My Store tabs. Then find Show (PayPal) express payment buttons at checkout and make it true.

Note: If the customer logs in on the website then the information about this customer is transferred from the website to PayPal (both from the shopping cart page and from the checkout page) but the customer may change this information on PayPal. If the customer is a new one (including a guest customer) who does not login then the information is not transferred from the website to PayPal.