Managing Warehouse(s)

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After you accessed the admin area of your website, click on the Products/Catalogue and Warehouse(s) tabs. You can filter warehouses by name and by sales channel. You can also add a new warehouse, and manage location blocks by clicking on the corresponding buttons. By clicking on a current warehouse and the corresponding buttons, it can be edited or its locations can be managed.

Image 936.png

If you click on the Manage location blocks button, you can add a new block, edit its name, and delete a current block by clicking the required block and the corresponding buttons.

Image 937.png

While adding/editing a warehouse, you can set warehouse owner’s name, warehouse name, the “Is Store” flag to yes or no, mark warehouse as “Default”, assign it to the sale channels, set email address, phone number, landline phone number, company information details (company name, tax / VAT number, company number, address), additional shipping charge for shipping from the warehouse.

Image 938.png

If you click on the Warehouse locations button, you can move the blocks by dragging and dropping them to the required places as well as filling in the required information in them.

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