Managing Tyl by NatWest Module

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Welcome to the user guide for managing the Tyl by NatWest Module. This guide will help you integrate your website with the Tyl by NatWest payment gateway and securely process payments through a hosted payment page. Follow the steps below to install and configure the module according to your specific needs.

1. Installation Process

To integrate your website with the Tyl by NatWest payment gateway, follow these steps:

Access the admin area of your website.

Navigate to the "App Shop" and "Store" tabs.

Use the search function to locate the Tyl by NatWest module version 1.0.1.

Install the module on your website.

Tyl App Inst.png

Follow on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

During installation, you can choose to apply the Tyl by NatWest module to specific sales channels or all channels at once:

  1. Choose your preferred sales channel(s).
  2. Click the "Continue installation" button.
Tyl Cont Inst.png

2. Accessing Module Settings

Once the module is installed, a success page will confirm its integration. To proceed, click on the "Check settings for the required platform" link.

Tyl Inst success.png

Alternatively, you can find the module under the Modules, Payment and Online tabs. Locate the "Tyl NatWest Hosted Checkout” module and click on the “Edit” button to access its settings.

Tyl Payment tab.png

3. Configuring theTyl by NatWest Module

3.1. Customizing Restrictions

In the "Restrictions" section, tailor the Tyl by NatWest module to your needs:

  • Define specific customer groups, countries, and website pages for module application.
  • Customize the module name for both backend and frontend, using your desired language.
Tyl Restr.png

3.2. Adjusting General Settings

In the "Settings" section, configure the Tyl by NatWest module options:

  • Toggle the module's enable/disable option for your website.
  • Enter your store ID for gateway connection.
  • Provide the account shared secret.
  • Opt for live or test server transactions.
  • Choose transaction processing methods: Sale or Preauth.
  • Select payment zones: All world, EU, USA.
  • Set order statuses for Tyl by NatWest orders.  
  • Choose to save orders before payment by selecting the "Order" or “TmpOrder” option.
  • Prioritize Tyl by NatWest in payment options by setting payment priority. Enter a value in the corresponding field. Lower values will prioritize Tyl by NatWest over other payment methods.
  • Click the Update button to save your customization.
Tyl Sett.png

Congratulations! You've successfully installed and configured the Tyl by NatWest module, enhancing your website's payment capabilities. For any issues or further assistance, please refer to the documentation provided with the Tyl by NatWest module.

Thank you for choosing Tyl by NatWest for your payment needs!