Managing Subscribers Lists

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Note: This manual is for osCommerce v4.

After you accessed the admin area of your website click on Settings and Subsribers lists tabs. You can insert subscribers lists or import them from Mailchimp by clicking on the corresponding buttons and choose the required front end by clicking on the corresponding tab. Subscribers lists may be more specific (per manufacturers) or more general (news, discounts). If you click on one of the subscribers lists you can either edit or delete it by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Note: While importing the subscribers lists their status is OFF so they do not show up on the front end.

Note: See the manual Managing Newsletters to find out how to set up Mailchimp in your admin area.

Subscribers lists can be transferred back to Mailchimp in 2 ways:

a) via List (a subscriber is added to a few lists)

b) via Tag (a subscriber is assigned to the primary list and is marked with tag).

While inserting/editing a subscribers list in your admin area you can specify the required tag as well as fill in/update the other fields.

Tags should be preliminary created in Mailchimp (via managing lists). One list with tags and tag segmentation are recommended by Mailchimp.

Image 235.png

Also customers can be filtered via subscribers lists if there is at least one subscriber.

On the front end the separate (subscription) page regarding the subscribers lists is added to accounts where a customer may choose what kind of a newsletter he/she would like to receive.

And the same lists show up on the subscribe page.

Note: Subscribers functionality implies that the confirmation email is sent via Mailchimp if it is switched on.