Managing Rest Server Module

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Congratulations on successfully installing the Rest Server Module! This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to effectively manage your Rest Server within your admin area.


  1. After installation, access the Sales Channels tab in your admin area.
  2. Choose the desired sales channel(s) that you want to assign to the Rest Server.
  3. Click on the "Configure platform rest server" button to access the settings page.
1 Sales Channels tab.jpg
  • On the edit settings page, customize the Rest Server settings for each sales channel.
  • The fields such as Rest Documentation URL, Rest Service URL, and API Key are auto-populated.
  • Exercise control over API usage for specific IPs by filling in the appropriate field.
  • Toggle to enable the options like site access permission, category and product creation and update, owned product removal, and data update customization.
  • When working with product data, utilize options like "Allow Update" and "Own product update" for various attributes, including product name, description, SEO,

prices, stock, attributes and inventory, product identifiers, images, size and dimensions, and properties.

  • Click "Save" to save your customizations.
2 RS settings.jpg

Accessing Rest Documentation

For a more detailed guide on managing your web shop remotely, shop owners and developers can access comprehensive program instructions via the Rest Documentation URL.


1. On the Rest API Server page, click the "Authorize" button.

3 Rest API Server.jpg

2. Copy the API key displayed on the edit rest server settings page.

5 API key.jpg
  1. Paste the API key in the appropriate field of the "Available authorizations" window.
  2. Click "Authorize" to complete the authorization process.
4 Av author window.jpg

After successful authorization, you can easily execute specific operations to manage your store remotely. Whether it's creating a product, a supplier, or obtaining a category or currency list, everything can be done with a simple click.

Just choose the operation and click "Execute." The program code appears in the Responses section.

6 Select progr operation.jpg

The module also includes a list of common program code errors with detailed descriptions.

8 Errors and descriptions.jpg

With the Rest Server Module, you now have the tools to effortlessly export data between websites. Utilize the comprehensive features and documentation to ensure a seamless experience in managing your web shop remotely.

If you encounter any issues, refer to the documentation provided with the module. Happy managing!