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Welcome to the user guide for managing Quotations with our powerful Quotations module. This feature-rich tool allows you to seamlessly handle quotation requests, providing a convenient and efficient way for customers to inquire about products. In this guide, we'll take you through the steps of setting up and managing quotations, from module configuration to customer interactions on the website front end.

1 Module Installation:

After installing the Quotations module, head to the Modules and Extensions tabs. Locate the module through the quick search option and click Edit to access its settings.

1 Edit Quot.png

2 Module Configuration:

In the Settings section, enable the module and customize options:

  • Toggle to enable the module.
  • Enable the quote fast order option.
  • Choose to show quantity input for the quote button.
  • Enable or disable shipping estimate for quotations.
  • Enable or disable the Show price for the quote product option. Click Update to save your customization.
2 Settings Quot.png

3 Product Configuration:

Move to the product edit page. Under the Main details tab, enable the Request for quote option.

4 Customer Interaction - Front End:

Find the product on the website front end, click on the Request for Quote button, and then on the Go to cart button in the pop-up window.

Click on Request for Quote button again.

Choose how you would like to proceed.

Fill in the required fields and click on Confirm and Pay button.

The process is over on the website front end. You will see the following screen and receive the following email.

5 Admin Area - Quotation Handling:

The quotation appears in the admin area with the default status "Awaits confirmation."

If the user logs in, they can view the quotation by clicking on the Quotation Info link.

6 Order Processing:

After the administrator changes the status to "Processed," the link for the corresponding order appears. The quotation transforms into an order, and status update emails, as well as invoices, are sent to the user. Click on this link.

Image 183.png

7 Customer Interaction - Post Order:

The order is in Pending status.

From their account, users can Reorder or View the order in the Order History section.

Clicking on the View link allows users to take additional actions on this page by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Image 187.png

Thank you for choosing our Quotations module, and we hope this guide proves helpful in optimizing your quotation management process. If you encounter any issues, refer to the documentation provided with the module.