Managing Product Ignored Payment Methods Module

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Thank you for choosing the Product Ignored Payment Methods Module!

This user guide provides step-by-step instructions to efficiently manage the module within the admin area.

Enable Methods to Ignore:

  1. After installation, navigate to the Products/Catalogue and Products (Brand/categories) tab in your admin area.
  2. Choose the desired product from the product listing, and click "Edit" to access its settings.
  3. On the product edit page, locate the "Payment Methods to Ignore" list.
  4. Enable the method(s) that should be ignored for the product.

This ensures that the selected method won't be available for that specific product during the checkout process.

1 Edit prod page.jpg

On the front end it looks like this:

2 Frontend Payment opts.jpg

Reversing Actions

To reverse this action and make the method available again, simply disable the method in the "Payment Methods to Ignore" list.

The previously ignored method will reappear among the available payment options on the frontend.

3 Frontend Payment opts available.jpg

Congratulations! You've successfully configured the Product Ignored Payment Methods Module, tailoring your payment options for specific products. This customization enhances your control over the checkout experience.

For any further assistance or questions, refer back to the documentation provided with the module. Happy managing!