Managing Order structure

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After you accessed the admin area of your website, click on the Modules and Order structure tabs. The Order structure modules list is presented under this tab.

Order structure elements are the following:

  •          sub-total
  •         discount coupons
  •         gift wrap
  •         low order fee
  •         shipping
  •        credit amount
  •         shipping fee
  •         payment fee
  •         points redeemed
  •         subtotal for taxation
  •         tax
  •         total
  •         amount paid
  •         amount due
  •         amount refunded

Each module of this list can be used for a certain sales channel. It is possible to manage modules order using the drag and drop function, remove modules and switch them on and off with a toggle.

You can also use the quick search option, import and export settings, a possibility to display inactive and/or not installed modules, and apply all countries setting to any of these modules.

When you choose a module from the list, you can edit, delete or translate it, as well as use export and/or import settings for it individually.

1086 Order modules list.jpg

If you click on the Edit button, you can work with the main options of these modules:

  • Sort order
  • Settings
  • Restrictions

It is possible to configure module visibility on different pages and documents:

  • Inc or Ex Tax
  • User account
  • Admin/Order
  • Checkout
  • Email/Order
  • Email/Quote
  • Email/Sample
  • Invoice
  • Quotations. See Managing Quotations
  • Quote Checkout
  • Shopping cart

You can restrict the use of modules for the required customer groups and order types.

Also, the geography of applying all these settings in relation to different countries can be determined along with the possibility of translation into the required language.

1088 edit Settings.jpg
1089 Translation.jpg

Depending on the modules specifics, you can use additional configurable parameters.