Managing Order Statuses

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After you accessed the admin area of your website, click on the Settings and Orders Status tabs.

Using the functionalities of this tab, you can manage order or subscription data providing your customers with complete information about every order status change, and much more.

Working with statuses, you can filter them by status group or by name, create new order status, edit or delete the existing ones.

1215 Order Status.jpg

If you click on the Edit button, you can:

  • select status group
  • bind order status to an order evaluation state:
    • Pending
    • Processing
    • Received
    • Dispatched
    • Delivered
    • Canceled
    • Partially Canceled
  • set if default for order evaluation state (yes/no)
  • choose admin email template
  • choose user email template
  • choose SMS (text) template
  • choose comment template
  • set if default (yes/no)
  • set if default for online payments (yes/no)
  • set if default for online payment success (yes/no)
  • set if automated (yes/no)
  • allow order product allocation (yes/no)
  • allow release of deferred payments (yes/no)
  • force send Google Analytics (yes/no)
  • set as inactive (yes/no)
  • set name
  • select design template (per sale channel)
1216 Order Status edit.jpg