Managing Google Categories

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Note: This manual is for osCommerce v4.

After you accessed the admin area of your website go to the corresponding link for your website (for example, /admin/google-categories?osgID=0), You can filter the list of the Google categories either by choosing all categories or top categories from the drop down list. Switch on the status for the required Google categories.

Note: Make sure you switched on the status for the required Google top categories (not only for the required Google subcategories under the top category).

Note: Also see the link regarding the usage of this functionality on Google.

Then the switched on Google categories are available for choosing while adding/editing a website category or a product under SEO tab.

Note: If a product is in one website category only it is enough to choose the required Google category on the category level (there is no need to fill in Google Product Category field on the product level).

You can also add the google categories to the website categories and products via the Import/Export tool by choosing the required google fields as well as all the website categories (up to 6 categories and the top category are allowed for the product file only) while exporting the CSV file.

Choose the required (right) category from your website categories and copy/paste it to the Google product type field and import the file back to your website. To add the required google categories to your products fill in Google product category field for the required products. If this field is not filled in on the product level the system will pick it up from the category level as it was mentioned above.

Note: If you have more than 6 website categories for your products delete the website categories from the file before importing it back to the website to avoid deleting your website categories on your website.

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