Managing Geo Zones

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After you accessed the admin area of your website, click on the Settings, Locations and Geo Zones tabs. Under this tab, you can:

  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Insert a new geo zone

The Quick search is available to search for geo zones by name.

Working with geo zones’ settings it is also possible to:

  • enable for billing address
  • enable for shipping address
  • make it taxable or not
1114 Geo Zones.jpg

If you click on the Edit button, you can set zone name and zone description.

1115 Geo Zones Edit.jpg

To manage areas and regions (sub zones), click on folder icon next to the required geo zone.

1116 Geo Zones folder.jpg

While editing an area or region, you can:

  • choose country
  • choose zone (state)
  • set postcode (zip code) from
  • set postcode (zip code) to

Use the Quick search feature to search by area or region name.

1117 Geo Zones Sub zones.jpg