Managing Filters

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After you accessed the admin area of your website, click on the Settings and Filters tabs. Using the tools of this tab, you can create predefined filters for Order and Customer list.

Under the Orders tab, you can set search by sales channel and set order filters according to the following sections:

in the Status/Stock section:

  • set order status filter for different order groups: New, Processing, Completed and Cancelled Orders
  • create a selection of orders for a specific period or for exact dates using drop down
  • select phone or/and physical orders

in the Delivery section:

  • set order filter by country, state or province

in the Payment/Shipping methods section:

  • set order filter by payment and shipping methods
  • set order filter by totals
1105 Filters Orders.jpg

Under the Customers tab, it is possible to set search by sales channel and set filter for customers using the following options:

- set search by: first name, last name, email, company name, phone number, zip code

- filter customers:

  • by group (advanced or basic)
  • by address
  • by company
  • by registration (either for a certain period or for exact dates)
  • by status (active, not active, all)
  • by title

- select guest, regular or all customers

1106 Filters Customers.jpg

Now, you can use your predefined filters working with Order lists, under the Orders/Customers and Orders tabs,

1107 Filters Orders tab.jpg

and working with the Customers list, under Orders/Customers and Customers tabs.

1108 Filters Customers tab.jpg