Managing Cloud Printers

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1. To work with printers in console mode, it is necessary to use the service Google account.

2. Any cloud printer end user gets an invitation for using the printer and accepts or declines it. The invitation is sent after a user is granted with the general access here.

Image 16.png

3. a) To connect the service account for cloud printer, it is possible to place the service account in a group and allow this group to use printer resources.

b) It is possible to manage the groups here.

Image 17.png

c) Create a new group and add a service account to this group. Also it is possible to place the end user accounts in this group (usually the group will have an email something like

d) Submit this group for it to have access to the chosen cloud printer.

4. To connect the printers to osCommerce v4, it is necessary to upload a key to it (file with the service account keys).

Choose the required sales channel and click on the New Service button.

1288 Cloud printers.jpg

5. After the service is created, the Cloud Printers tab appears. Using the Get Cloud Printers button, it is possible to get the list of the available printers. Click on the Accept button to assign the required printer to the admin area of your website.