Managing Banners

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After you accessed the admin area of your website, click on the My Marketing tools and Banner manager tabs.

You can add a new banner or edit, copy and delete the existing ones by clicking on the corresponding buttons.


When searching among the existing banners, it is possible to search by sale channel and by banner group.

1060 Search by.jpg

Banners data is presented as a table containing the following columns:

Banners – displays banners’ name

Groups - displays groups’ name to which a banner(s) is assigned

Sales channel name – informs about a sales channel that uses this banner(s)

Status – shows banner status (can be set active/inactive using the toggle).

To search for the required information, the quick search field is available above the Banners table.

1061 Banners table.jpg

While adding a new banner or editing the existing one, you can link it to sales channels under Sales channels tab.

1062 Sales channel tab.jpg

Under Main details tab it is possible to:

  •        set banner group
  •        set sort order
  •        set start date (Scheduled At)
  •        set end date (Expires on)
  •        set “nofollow” on banner link (for SEO)
1063 Main details tab.jpg

If you move to Name and description tab, you can use its tools to:

  • set banner title
  • set banner URL (enter custom link, or choose from site pages, products, categories, brands, common links)
  • upload an image
  • enter HTML content text
1064 Name and descr tab 1.jpg

You can also choose banner type: Image, HTML text, Text and Image (combines HTML and image with possibility to choose text position over the image).

1065 Name and descr tab 2.jpg

Working with SVG type - use built-in SVG editor.

1066 Name and descr tab 3 SVG.jpg

Upload videos for video type banners.

1067 Name and descr tab 4 Video.jpg