Managing Address Formats

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After you accessed the admin area of your website, click on the Settings and Address Formats.

Using this tab, you can create and edit structured address data and format it according to the rules of different countries.

While working with address format list, it is possible to add a new address format by clicking on the New button, and edit the existing ones by clicking on + icon.

1127 Address formats.jpg

To create a name for a new address format or change it for existing one, click on the pencil icon and type a new name in the corresponding field.

1128 change Address format title.jpg

To add a new row for address data, click on the New row button.

1129 New row.jpg

To add the required address field to an empty row, select this field from the line above the address formats list and drag it with the mouse to the appropriate row. It is possible to use gender, first and last names, street address, suburb, postcode/zip, city, state, country, company reg number, company name, company vat, customs number, telephone number to create address formats visually.

To delete a field, click on the trash can icon.

1130 Add addrr field.jpg