Generating Key for Google Maps Javascript API

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Note: This manual is for osCommerce v4.

Create a new account in Google (if there is none) or login to the existing one.

Nothing can be done until billing is switched on (trial gives $300 for a new account for a year).

Go to the console page for developers.

Image 64.png

By default there is nothing in management panel section for the new account or if API has not been used yet.

Click on Enable API button.

Image 65.png

Click on Google Maps Javascript API.

Image 66.png

If the project in console has not been created yet Google system will ask to create it. Click on Create project button.

Image 67.png

Indicate the project name, read Terms of Service, agree with them and click on Create button.

Image 68.png

After creating the project Google system will direct you to where you can enable the chosen Google Javascript Maps API. Click on Enable button.

Image 69.png

Fill in the data and click on Go to Credentials button.

Image 70.png

Choose Google Maps JavaScript API from Which API are you using? drop down list.

Choose Web browser (Javascript) from Where will you be calling the API from? drop down list.

Then click on What credentials do I need? button.

Image 71.png

Fill in the fields:

Name: google-map-key

Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (web sites): domain name of the website (it is an optional field, when you would like to use this service for this site only).

Note: indicate only domain.

Click on Create API key button.

Image 72.png

You will see the generated API key. Click on Done button.

Image 73.png

The key is filled in in the section Settings/ Google settings under Map Key API tab.

Then you will see the following screen.

Image 74.png

In order to use the key on the website with a high volume of queries to Google Maps Javascript API, it is necessary to pass domain verification and confirm your rights for the domain, where the key will be used. Otherwise in browser console the error will appear and the map will not work.

In order to pass domain verification on Credentials tab click on Domain verification link.

Image 76.png

Click on Add domain button.

Image 77.png

Indicate dns-name of the website only (for example

Important: Your site must be registered on Search Console with an https:// URL or with the domain name provider verification method.

Image 78.png

On the page you can pass one of the suitable procedures of verification of a website owner. After that you will see the list of allowed domains.