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  1. Multiple sale channels Support for multiple sale channels, like multiple websites, affiliates (or field sale agents), marketplaces like Amazon and eBay
  2. Menus Header, menu bar, side, bottom of the page - various options for menus
  3. Site search Site search bar with auto-suggest feature, searching in product catalog, info pages, categories and brand tables
  4. Currency switch
  5. Language switch
  6. Shopping cart menu Displaying cart total and the number of items in the cart
  7. My account menu Changes depending on the logged in status
  8. Sales pages List of all products with sale price (discount)
  9. Featured products pages List of all featured products
  10. New products pages List of all newly added products
  11. Banners
  12. Payment method list Listing of payment methods accepted at the shop, implemented via the CMS
  13. Contact details Business contact details
  14. Category pages Category detail page. With category name, filters, subcategories and product listing
  15. Product listing view modes Three views: grid, individual purchase listing (user has to press Add to Cart on each product to add it to the Shopping cart), and multiple purchase listing (only one Add to Cart button per listing page)
  16. Product listing pagination In case of multiple products in the listing (search results, category or brand details)
  17. Product listing information Product name, description, image, price (special price), stock indication, multiple quantity selection, compare feature, selectable attributes (if any)
  18. Compare products Compares products by features listed under Properties
  19. "Breadcrumb" User's current position in the catalog, including full category path, if applicable
  20. Product information page Product name, description, image (s), video(s), price (special price), stock indication, multiple quantity selection, compare feature, technical specification (properties), selectable attributes (if any), reviews, additional marketing features (like cross sell, up sell, bundle options, etc)
  21. Shopping cart Product listing with changeable quantity, sub total, shipping method selector and estimator, discount coupon, tax calculator, order total calculator
  22. Login page Guest account, existing account login, create new account options
  23. Checkout page Shipping address, shipping method selector and calculator, billing address (with "same as shipping" feature), payment method selector, discount coupon option, order comments, option to create an account, order totals widget, payment options
  24. Information pages
  25. Contact form
  26. User account
    • Order history
    • Address book
    • Review list
    • Edit account
    • Edit password