Creating Manual Orders

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Take customer and product details over phone, email or fax and create a manual order based on them.

After you accessed the admin area of your website, click on the Orders/Customers and Orders tabs. Then click on the Create new order button.

Image 893.png

Specify the platform details in the pop up window.

Image 892.png

Under the Contact/Delivery/Payment details tab, choose an existing customer by clicking on the Add customer link or fill in the required fields for a new customer. Then choose payment and shipping methods.

Image 903.png

Under the Product details tab, click on the Add new product button.

Image 901.png

You can find the required product(s) in a category of a sales channel or by typing its name in the search field. After products are added, you can add tax to them if necessary and change product quantity.

Image 902.png

You can also update product prices manually (in currency or %), change product quantity again, go back to the product settings or delete a product from this order. Then enter amount already paid by clicking on the pencil icon next to the Amount Paid value.

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Click on the Update and pay button to complete the order. The option in the pop up window Send customer request for payment will be active after Update and Pay extension is installed.

Image 906.png

Add Order Total Elements to the order by clicking on the corresponding button. Such as discount coupons, gift wrap, low order fee, credit amount, shipping fee, payment fee and subtotal for taxation.

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