Assigning Theme to Sales Channel and Deleting Sales Channel

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After you installed osCommerce you can assign another theme to a sales channel (for example, the Printshop theme instead of the current Splash). In order to do it click on Admin option.

Image 845.png

After you accessed the admin area click on Sales channel tab. Under Web tab you can see the list of the available sales channels. Click on the required one and then on Choose theme button.

Image 844.png

Click on Choose theme button.

Image 843.png

Find the required theme and click on Assign button on it.

Screenshot 10.png

Assign the required banners and click on Save button.

Image 841.png

As a result another theme Printshop is assigned to the required sales channel (front end).

Image 846.png

You can also delete all the unnecessary sales channels (except the default one - in our case it is Ivan test) by clicking on the required one and then on Delete button.

Note: Before you proceed with it make sure you assigned the required categories and products to the default sales channel by clicking on the corresponding button and checking the boxes next to the required categories/products.

Image 847.png
Image 848.png

Finally, click on Dashboard tab and follow the instructions in the popup window.
Image 849.png
Image 850.png
Image 851.png

If only one sales channel is required delete the corresponding symbol references as well.

Image 852.png