Terms and Conditions of osCommerce Development Partner Program.

  1. These terms and conditions are valid for the date you have signed up to be a member of our osCommerce Development Partner program. We may, from time to time, change these terms. You will be notified of the oncoming change and will need to accept the new terms should you wish to remain part of the osCommerce Development Partner Program

  2. By creating and uploading any of your applications, designs, features (herewith - Upload), or any additions to osCommerce into the osCommerce App Shop you agree to the following:

    1. Your Upload doesn’t contain anything that can potentially harm osCommerce or any of its users or their businesses 

    2. Your Upload doesn’t contain any offensive material to any user or user group 

    3. Your Upload has been tested and is designed and developed to perform and provide users with the exact functionality and benefits described in its description 

    4. Your Upload doesn’t contain any code that shares any of the information available to it with any 3rd party, or yourself 

    5. Should an osCommerce user suffer any damages because of your Upload, you agree to compensate such user and deal with them directly, keep osCommerce not involved and fully indemnified if necessary 

  3. Should you want to charge a price for your Upload, and should any user(s) purchase a number of your Uploads from osCommere App Shop, you agree to provide osCommerce with clear payment instructions and osCommerce will send you payments as per the instructions provided. 

  4. The following Payment terms will apply:

    1. osCommerce will hold a commission off any payment made by its user(s) when they purchase your Upload(s) from osCommerce App Shop. The default amount of such commission is 25% or it has been personally agreed with you

    2. osCommerce will send the payment to you once your balance exceeds $200

    3. osCommerce will not be liable to paying any of the transaction fees related to sending the payment(s) to you 

    4. osCommerce will not be held responsible should the payment fail and return to sender or “get stuck” because of the payment details provided were not correct, or because of the bank’s actions on your side 

  5. Should any of the users you refer to osCommerce purchase any of the Uploads that have not been created by you, osCommerce will give you a default commission of 10% off such purchases. Such commission will be forwarded to your account with osCommerce and paid to you as per 4.b-4.d above.