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Would you use/donate to an images section?

If there was an images area on this board where people who are graphically challenged could request help, would you use it?  

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  1. 1. If there was an images area on this board where people who are graphically challenged could request help, would you use it?

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    • Neither
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I have been a member of a forum similar to this in the past in which they had an images area for those of us who are graphically challenged. We could go in and, being very specific, make requests for images, and others would donate their graphical services to make those images for us. Much like people with coding do as we are already.


The question is, if there was a section of this board that was for images, would you: use it for help; donate your services to others; both; neither?


This could be used for -









Contributions I used : Updated 06-13-04 23:42


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I wouldn't do either simply because I am a pure do-it-yourselfer and I'm trying to get my business(es) going, not spend all my time in the forums. I've trailed off little by little since I've pretty much gotten my store where I want it and I only come back for the occasional bug/new mod problem.


I make my own graphics (as crappy as some may be) and taught myself with Photoshop. I feel others can and should do the same or hire someone. I'm not too sure about everyone else but I'm not planning on giving out free services anytime soon (coding issues are different). Graphic are complete freebies. Code is part of a whole.

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thats a tough question because graphic requests are very personal. there is no right or wrong. everyone looks at images differently. code works or doesnt-easy. graphics might look good to one person and rubbish to another but i reckon your idea is a good one as long as the specifications are very detailed... but then if they are that detailed, then surely the poster could make them!


i think for buttons etc it would not be so bad but for headers/banners etc then it gets harder to produce what the person is looking for. i suppose its worth a try though :D people getting problems with code happens all the time and all the time peeps help fix it, maybe images should go the same way. you could always implement a donations system (somehow) so if people were spending much time doing it then they would get some reward. or you could say the user has to link to the producers site...

always here to offer some useless advice....

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I would help out as much as possible. I think the two request limit is a good idea, maybe it could be something that is determined with the parties involved. Maybe some kind of form with simple questions for color scheme, purpose, general idea of what they want (if they have one), etc.


I've gotten help from the people that can program much better that I can, and I'd like to give back. This would be a good way for me to do that.


I don't necessarily agree completely with code and graphics being different in this case. There are many different scenarios that can occur with coding problems, and the people that support us have to know a heck of a lot to help troubleshoot our problems. It doesn't necessarily mean that the code can be used by everyone, it might be specific to that individual's problem.


I think we would see alot of people saying, "I want a button that looks like this...", and give an example. Then the people that can, will open up their template and whip it out.


Problems would be with people doing the same thing for the same person. There would have to be some kind of system in place. I think sub-forums for just general graphics and then for the different template systems would be a good idea to keep it seperated to a certain degree.


I have other thoughts, but this is getting long and I need to get back to my contibutions conflict. Can anyone help me :D http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=97313&st=10

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