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Work In Progress -

I have written a huge package that combines Invision Board with osCommerce seamlessly. I noticed there is already one package out there that does something similar, but I don't like it. The way the one that already exists puts Invision Board in an iframe. http://www.globalsyphic.com and http://support.globalsyphic.com are my store and board. They run independent, yet when you register at one, you are registered at the other. Likewise when you log in at one you are logged in at the other.


There are many other add-ons such as public (guest), members only, and group articles, documents, images, and newsletters. They all function off of the groups based in Invision Board. Be it through the mgroup, or ibf_form_perms. It all works.


There are two parts I am having trouble completing. Though registering a user is now done through one script, I still find it important to leave both login scripts in tact. They both contain fairly important redirect information for their own purposes. If a user is in the middle of a purchase, or post, and needs to login, leaving them in tact allows them to log in and get redirected to the appropriate location. For this reason, I have two includes, include ?logon_for_board.php?; and include ?logon_for_store.php?; The log on for board is working from the store. It logs you in fine. The two parts remaining are log on from board, to log you into the store, and the log off files. I am working on those today, but have all about given up on log in from board for store.


If you know PHP, and osCommerce, I'd sure appreciate some help. I am writing this in a manner that it will be easy for others to install, just so that I can share this as a contribution.


Help would be appreciated,

Josh Lee

[email protected]



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Well, I dont know how much help I can be, but I wish you luck with getting this working. I know of the Iframe contrib you talk about, and it really is not an integration, it does nothing but display an IPB install inside your store.


Anyway, one thing for you to think about. I see by using your store that you have it so IPB uses the customers first name as its user name. This makes me think of two things. One, surely more then one of your customers is going to eventually have the same first name. Two, many people would want an alias to use on forums.


I do know of a very good IPB OSC integration that is feature packed. It was custom made for one website and the author is not making it available. But anyway, on the create account page of oscommerce he added a field to enter your desired forum alias. Do you think that would be possible?

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