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I have to agree with the first post as I believe there should be some sort of rateing or review of a contribution. There is a contribution that proports to be one thing however it porpogates porn links into your site. Is this contribution nessessary? IMHO this should be considered a DUMB contribution. Some contributions are so far over the head of many that use this forum and the crontributions that one would need a 4 year degree in PHP just to understand the logic behind the installation.


There are many contributions in this community that support OSC and what it does for the user. OTOH there are many that just plain do not work as discribed.


Please don't misunderstand here as all I'm saying is that there are contributions that really don't need to be here and a rating system to allow users to avoid unnessessary contributions that only work under the authors system.


Another point is the way in which this forum is moderated if any. Try a search on "attribute" and you will find around 500 pages or useless information as the search function sucks and if your wading through 500 pages of useless information at 2:am, a silly useless contribution isn't going to help.

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Let me qualify myself a little more Steve. I've setup 4 stores now using OSC and am in the process of setting up another, this time for myself. I've been using OSC now for over a year - actually about 2 years, as the old computer died I switched user names. I know how to use the advanced search and usually do however even then results leave something to be desired.


As for the contribution, I was lucky enough to read another uses comments.


19 Oct 2003 - BEWARE NEWSBOX v1.0 Author: Thanksfor nuthin



Good move by the author to put hidden links that install Rampage porn on your system. Don't be a fool like me and install this on a active stie unless you want you customers to get slammed with porn popups and .exe!.... thanks as**hole.



I'm sure you see what I mean, there needs to be some sort of rating and comment section for contributions.


I may not have made any contributions to these pages however I do try to help those that seem to get nowhere when they inquire about something triveial.


I like using OSC and find it one of the best open source codes on the web and hopefully the support for the system will just get better as the code has.



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