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The e-commerce.

New products in may.

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I'm sure this is very easy and has been discussed many times - I just cant find it.


Ok so on my index page is 'new products in may"


what i want to do is have a box around each product. I am using BTS but the support forum has been offline for a couple of days and there was a thread on there about boxes where i want them :(




all help appreciated



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The easiest way to get abox around those pics would be to use a thumbnailer like IrfanView which is free. It gives you the option to put boxes around your pics and it looks nice.


The other way would involve altering your new products file by adding cells with borders around the pics. This could be very very difficult depending on your programming skills.

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Actually I meant /includes/modules/new_products.php which is the script that displays the new products module at the bottom of the index page.


I don't know what products_new.php actually does and can't say I've ever looked at the file.


when you look at new_products.php you will see that it contains no HTML code. The code is partly generated in a file called /includes/classes/boxes.php. Probably other files are also involved. This is what makes OSC almost impossible to change. Even the simplest change to standard HTML requires a goodly knowledge of PHP. Call it clever programming if you will, but I definately won't. The thing is, for some strange reason the program works.

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