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Can't write to directory


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As I said in my earlier post on the secure issue, I really think this is a great program/script.


The other thing I need help on is on another topic.


I get a message that the images directory is not writeable, yet the permissions are set to be writeable. When i make changes in my catalog, they appear in the adminstrator's page, but not when i sign in as a customer.


I created a new category and it doesn't show up to customers.

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I have had a similar issue however it was on the side of the server or host. They changed the or upgraded my server side scripts and in doing so messed up something with my ability to set permissions on files and have them stay.


Have you tried setting the permissions on the folder to 777 or 755. Sometimes I find 777 is helpfull.



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As someone mentioned above u need to change the file permissions. thats the same erro i got and these r the solutions.


1- either email ur host to set he permission to 777 or all writeable, readable and executable.


2- or do it by urself:

open a ftp program like wsftp or coreftp etc...

login to ur catalog.

right click on images folder. choose properties or change mode.

in them, check all checkboxes and make the folder writable, executable and readable by everyone and anyone....so all should be checked.

logout from ftp

reopen ftp and go to the images and check if it changed...

if it did, it will work.


if it stil doesnt change the permissions than it means ur host has not given u permissions to change permissions on folders. email them.



hope it helps. otherwise email or pm me. i will try to go and set it up for u.



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Thanks, 211655. That did the trick. If anyone else needs this item I stumbled across also, the only way to upload images is if they are on the local machine. My client had images on his web site, but had to download them to my machine first. mike.

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What was the process you used to upload the images? using the admin OSC tool? and if so, did you just browse and find the file and upload? do the directories need to be exactly the same as on the server and do you need to change direction of the / to \ ?



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Ok I've done a bunch of searches on this problem, I have full rights on the server so it's not someone else changing rights, I know the catalog/images directory is set RWX (ie 777) but I still get the error Error: Catalog images directory is not writeable: /var/www/html/www.angelhaven.com/catalog/images/


Anyone have an idea what I've missed?



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