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I have been experincing alot of problems with server loads while using oscommerce on high traffic sites. I started looking for optimizations in the contributions and there is only 2 i think. 1 is for configuration "caching" and anouther is the table indexing and key changer. Im not very good with mysql but on my servers thats the heaviest load. I counted 53 queries a secound on high times. Which is alot! it was quite a few less with the config cache but still way too high. I added image caching for a resizer i made and that helped but not good enough IMO. I think most of the problem is the fact that oscommerce pulls ALL the products from a category each time you go into one even though it is only showing whatever you limited it to so it can get a page count. I think this could be refind alot to only pull like 1 extra product then what the person wanted to see if it needs anouther page and if its under the limit dont show next. and if its 1 over show next

then on the next pages grab 1 more then wanted again. I am going to start working on something like this but i think it should be built into oscommerce because its a fact oscommerce is becomming more used by bigger companies and such. 2 oscommerce sites on my p4 3ghz with hyper threading should not have load averages of over 10 when i only have 5000 guest a day on each. someone please respond with other sugestions they have. :blink:

Thank you,

? ? ? ? Marc Seiler


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