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hello guys , i am using easy populate contributions to upload the items to my store and this is the error i am getting


15MG6370-Burgundy... ERROR! - Too many characters in the model number.

12 is the maximum on a standard OSC install.

Your maximum product_model length is set to 12

You can either shorten your model numbers or increase the size of the field in the database.


i went in PhPMyadmin then selected my database and went in products in there i have changed setting for all the options : below is the copy of what i have changed


Field Type Attributes Null Default Extra Action

products_id int(20) No auto_increment

products_quantity int(4) No 0

products_model varchar(20) Yes NULL



also i have 3 database in phpmyadmin






i chagned the setting on all 3 , just to be on the safe side but


product id and product_ model i have changed it to 20 but its still saying 12 is my maximua product model.


any help is greatly appreciated.


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I don't use Easy Populate yet but I was looking through the release history while researching it and came across the following from the 1.2 release:


20 Nov 2002 - Easy Populate 1.2  Author: Tim Wasson


2. If you had a product_model that was too long, it would try to insert it into the database, causing data screwups. The code now checks to see if the length of the product_model is too long, if it is it complains. If you have modified OSC to have longer product_models (like I have!), then you will need to change the variable $modelsize in the source code near the top of easypopulate.php.


Hope this helps! (or at least points you in the right direction)

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