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Too many attributes


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I am working on a new site (not necesarily "live" yet - design will be last to work on). Some of our products have many attributes (mainly, choosing different quantities of different colors for a set). You can see an example here:




As you can see, the attribute list is pretty long . . . and it will just get longer. We will have three new colors in the next week, and plan on getting around 20 or so colors available. I think that list is too long, so making it almost twice the length will be crazy!


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to change the look of this list of attributes? I tried putting the list of attibutes at the bottom of the page, just so the pictures and description is closer to the top. However, I am afraid customers may miss them and for items that only have one or two attributes, this would not be good.


Is there anyway to put the attributes into two columns?

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I assume the attributes are Dollar values.


As you need them, maybe you could consider putting them in 3 or 4 columns. I'm looking at your page in 800 x 600 and I think you could get them in three columns.


Alternatively, could you make the headings the dollar values (seeing how there are half as many) and make your dropdowns the colours? If I was a customer I think that would work better for me.


Why would your customers miss them, surely they are the most important part of the purchase request?




P.S. Send me a dozen with "Cairns Casino" on them please. Big black ones with 100 printed in the middle!

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