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I'm trying to configure the Table rate, but seems that it doesn't work for me. Or i do something wrong.


My products have all a weight (eg sticker=3)

Following shipping costs are used in Belgium:

up to 50, cost 0.80

up to 100, cost 1.00

up to 350, cost 1.50

up to 1000, cost 2.50

up to 2000, cost 3.50

So with this, i'm using following tables: 50.00:0.80,100.00:1.00,350.00:1.50,1000.00:2.50,2000.00:3.50



- 1 sticker (=3 weight) , result 0,80 -> OK

- 15 sticker (=45 weight), result 0,80 -> OK

- 25 sticker (=75 weight), result 1,60 -> NOK (should be 1.00)

- 500 sticker (=1500 weight), result 26,40 -> NOK (should be 3.50)


Any idea where i goes wrong?

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I'm also having this problem. The shipping costs calculated from the table rate are complete nonsense. As a test I used:




in my table rates. I then add a product weighing 200g to my order and the shipping cost comes out at ?3.53 - obviously is should be ?1.00 + TAX (I have it set up to add tax and work out shipping based on product weight)




What aditional modules have you installed? I've added the Product Attributes Weight contribution and I'm wondering if that has mucked things up.

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I've got the solution. :rolleyes:


In administration, go to Configuration - shipping/package (or simular, i'm using a dutch version)


Max weight should be 9999

Average weight should be 0

Larger / % should be 0


That worked for me.


Have fun with it!


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Uh oh... just found the solution :)


Go to Admin > Configuration > Shipping/Packaging


Edit the values there. OSC was adding on additional weight for packaging. By setting it to zero it completely fixed my problem.

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Ahhh, yes


I was going nuts trying to figure out why the weight wasn't adding up.

Also using the zones/weight shipping module


Thanks ! :P



(thank god for the search box) :)

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