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The e-commerce.

Installation Trouble


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Hi ;) , I'm a newbie here...


I've known the osCommerce Application from my Friend, but I got some trouble in Installing this osCommerce Application, the trouble is after the installation ended, and the form show me 2 choice : 1. enter catalog or 2. enter Admin Page, if I click on Admin button the link is running good but after that there is a error form !, this form from file called PHP.EXE error....and the Application not show me the full display of contents, indeed the tag of PHP displayed to the WEB browser......

the question... why this can be happen...?, there is wrong with my Installation process or what...?, Need to know...to run the Application I'm using :


1. Windows XP Professional

2. Apache WebServer,PHP4&MySQL-Built in PHPTriad Installed


Maybe some people here want to help me to this problem and give me some solution....and until now I'm still think what this problem caused by OS..?, what the osCommerce have to run on Linux OS...?, please help me here.... :(

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sounds like you didnt get a clean installation. try doing a manual installation of the database via mysql or phpmyadmin.


if you dont know how to do that, then for mysql go to mysql.com and look up 'source' you fill find the command prompt answer there.


this os will run on *nix, as well as windows, i have mine development done on xp professional, transfer to an internal server for testing, then out to the internet. works well.

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