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Add to Cart - Page Cannot be Displayed


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When selecting a product then clicking 'Add to Cart' I am occasionally getting a 'Page Cannot be Displayed' error. This then causes Internet Explorer to hang.


Does anybody know what might be causing this or how to fix it?


Many thanks,


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Have you been playing with the code at all? The smallest change can make the program crash. If yes or no, you could try re-installing every file except /includes/config.php and the install folder. If yes, try replacing the files you've been playing with.


I've purchased hundreds of items and never had a problem.


You could also try changing the option "show shopping cart after each purchase" or something like that. This is an option I encouraged Harald to add a few years back. Most customers would prefer to continue shopping after making a purchase rather than being sent to the cart. Afterall, you don't rush to the checkout every time you put something in your supermarket basket do you?


The option is located in admin options so why not try it and see if you still get the error.

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Been there, done that! I always remind myself of the illfated Mercury Space Mission way back in the 60's. The multi-billion rocket failed because a programmer omitted a single semi-colon in a program thousands of pages long. OSC code is very difficult to play with because some lines are so long and almost impossible to decypher. I just modified admin/categories.php by adding the short product description contribution. Unfortunately I had previously modified the file when I added image_HTML so the contributors instructions were no longer valid. I got it right except for the images which ended up at the top of the page instead of the bottom. Simple I thought. Well 10 hours later I had to redo the whole thing again. I dropped a fullstop somewhere and the program terminated in the middle of some HTML code. Strange indeed.

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