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who insert two Transaction Key


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:huh: I need insert two Transaction Key in the payment module of Autoize.net


I need recover payments of Visa/Master Card and American Express


Please Helpme..!!!

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You can not have two transaction keys in one module. If you are using authorize.net module then authorize net will be able to process American Express on the same transaction key. You do however need to separately sign up for American Express account, it is a separate fee and all processing will go through your gateway service.



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Hi, don't worry my english is not all that good eihter.


The way I understand the setup is, when you sign up for your merchant account, you do it for Visa/Master card American Express and Discover. In my Case Discover wanted a sign up fee, so I did not sign up for Discover. AMX and Visa/Master was free, so I signed up.


Now my Visa/Master card transactions are collected by a company called cynergy,

American Express send me a package separatly to sign up with them so I did. AMX collects their own funds and both companies deposit the money in my checking account.


These two are both processed through Authorize.Net, which just does the verification.


God only knows how many more people are involved in this. Hope I got this right.

Y'all are welcome to correct me.



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