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The e-commerce.

Order Total is ALWAYS zero


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hello all,


I copied an existing OsCom store to a new directory on my server.

I also copied the database and gave it a new name. I made the appropirate

changes in configure.php for the copied database name.


This copied version is just going to be a french version of the existing

online store.


Everything seems fine, but when the sub-total is always zero no matter

what i have in my cart.


I think this is a language related issue, but I dont know what the problem is


Does anyone have any pointers or help they could provide on this?


any feedback is appreciated !



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To Quote The Bear:

Did you create a new default currency?

In the edit did you put 1.0000000 as the value and then click on update currencies button ?

and in the catalog/includes/languages/english.php around line 36


// if USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY is true, use the following currency, instead of the applications default currency (used w$



Change it to whatever you need




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I looked into french.php and changed the currency to what it should be. Still nothing


I placed an order and at order confirmation, all the totals appeared properly

with taxation and all. The ONLY place the totals are appearing to be zero is in the

shopping cart and the basket box in column_right.









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hiya, i am experience simular problem. after searching entire bug report section in documentaion, and now 170+ forum pages, this is the only case like mine ive found, can some one please assist. my problem is that when i add a product to the shopping cart it displays with 0.00 dollars value, black numerals not red

I am aware of usual tricks of default currency mod problems and have made alteration from USD to AUD, in includes/languages/english.php

oanda updated aud and usd values okay, set defualt currency in admin etc.

Also Customer Orders page in Admin displays,


1054 - Unknown column 'o.orders_stores_id' in 'where clause'


select count(*) as total from orders o left join orders_total ot on (o.orders_id = ot.orders_id), stores st, orders_status s where o.orders_status = s.orders_status_id and s.language_id = '1' and ot.class = 'ot_total' and o.orders_stores_id = st.stores_id




Which i think is another matter, but maybe related

= first dummy order i made didn't seem to be logged by system

also Seem to have problem with auspost parcel, more due to total lack of knowing what settings are required by it.

i have them as

AusPOST Parcel Post


Enable auspost






Dispatch Postcode



Handling Fee



Parcel Height



Parcel Width



Parcel Depth



Shipping Zone

Australian Zones


Tax Class



Sort order of display.



my url is https://gdcoffee.com/osCommerce/catalog/index.php,

Please if anyone can help It would be really Great as i am working against a dead line for having this up and running, (i need sleep )

Yours sincerely


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