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Help and Suggestion Needed


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I currently am in the design process on a shop that provides spots at race track events. I've setup a working store and it works with most of the functionality required, however, now the owners want to totally switch around the layout, and add some specific features that i'm at my wit's end tryin to implement.


I currently have operational these contribs:


Gift Vouchers/Coupons

Group Discounts

Manual Order Entry

Many Misc small custom changes



Here is currently what I'm working on.


Date Sort:


As of this point I'm using (Trackname Date) as my product names. I have had to make a simple included html file to list the products as the current ability for OSC to format numbers in the Product name (IE SomeTrack 10/1/04 comes before Sometrack 6/1/04)


Any suggested solutions?


Additional Check Boxes within specified products:


I need to implement a second checkbox in product info to show users agree to the specific requirements of a date before they can checkout, however, its only for specific events, and has no quantity.



Additional Comment style section in checkout for giving names and addresses of people who extra spots were bought for.


The comments section is just passed over as a lot of people don't like to read why they should fill it out. Prevention of checkout with it empty whould be another handy feature. Could I put this information into a seperate DB table so i can pull it seperate of order_status_id? (current measures for pulling it gives me every status change made)



Last one. Changing complete layout of cart and removing table-based layout for more simple, CSS and html one. Can it be done?


Need to make the layout less blockish and simplify the checkout proceedure to help those who are intimidated by buttons and boxes.



Any help that can be given would be great as I've been up to 4am for a week now trying to figure it all out.


Thank you

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Many of your questions have been asked and answered several times in recent weeks, or even days. Just use the search box with specific keywords, the wiki (link top right of this page) and the contributions (second from right) to see what's available and what can be done. Unfortunately OSC is not a mechano set. Although there are some additional attachments, nearly all require a steady hand, a keen eye and a lot of hard work. For example, I've just spent all night trying to install a contribution that required me to alter over a dozen files. It's full of bugs and I may have to do it all again. That's OSC. Everybody loves it, but everybody wants to change it.


Good luck,

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Thanks. I've looked into that one, even got it up and running. However, it doesn't tackle the issue of it being for only specific products, as a majority don't have special restrictions. I will look into the code though and see what I can use.


Thank you.

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