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Product Attributes - Option Type Feature


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I have added this contribution to my site & I must be missing something. I have the drop down menu to add the options, but when I choose an option other than Select, (such as Text) I get the following error:


1054 - Unknown column 'products_options_type' in 'field list'


update products_options set products_options_name = 'personalization', products_options_type = '1' where products_options_id = '0' and language_id = '1'




I've changed dbse & updated files -

Can anyone find the missing step? Thx -

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its not finding the column products_options_type so either you didn't do the sql part you skrewed it up. Check the table with phpmyAdmin and see if the column is there and named right.

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yup i must have messed up somewhere but in the dbse (mysql) I see the fields -

& on the admin I show an option for text, radio, etc


but the database does not understand about the text option & still returns the error


can you walk me through the sql - installed now 3 times and getting frusterated ..



thanks so much...


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In the readme there is a step that you must do to the database with phpmyadmin after you create a text attribute in the admin section, follow those directions.

If I was crafty, this would be a funny signature.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks, John -


soved the problem in that I am not getting an error message -


but still stuck - the TEXT input/ option value does not allow user input.


Ugh - i've gone through the contribution many times now and am very frusterated -


trying to let the user input custom monogram information.


ideas? help?


thanks so much -


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