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Text attributes question


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The answer to this is probably right in front of my eyes, but I have an acute case of 'too many hours in front of the monitor.' I will appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction.


I wanted to have Attributes with text boxes that were 40 characters wide but would accept more (by scrolling the text). So, I increased the field length to 40 by editing the 'products_options_length' field in the 'products_options' table. In the code in product_info.php, the maximum length of text input was also set to 'products_options_length'. So I added a field named 'products_options_max_length' and gave it a value of 255 and updated the query string and text box control in product_info.php. I then changed the length of the 'products_options_values' field in the the 'orders_products_attributes" table to 255.


It works good on the front side. The text boxes work just like planned and the full text is displayed by shopping_cart.php. Unfortunately, it turns out only the first 32 characters are getting written to the 'products_options_values' field in the 'orders_products_attributes' table. Hence, that is all it shows on order_confirmation.php and on the invoice and the order summary email.


So my question is - where is the mechanism that moves the data from the shopping cart to the orders tables? Or any other advice.

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