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The e-commerce.

My New Store - movin' on up like the Jeffersons!


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Here is my new store:

http://www.collectiveindustries.com/osc/ (uses oscommerce)


Here is my old store:

http://www.flyerfaucet.com (uses a custom scripted order system)


I just want to hear your thoughts and ideas.


I currently am using STS, and the Upload Script - PA...


I currently am having issues


1) making SSL work on a shared certificate.

2) I accidently deleted the US Zones, and need to figure out how to put it back.


and... I think that's it for the moment....


I haven't tested in other than I.E. and frankly I'm scared - any one can check this and let me know? I haven't sliced the front image yet - it's there for looks temporarily.. As I'm slowly figured this bad boy out. I first installed on Sunday and crash coursing myself through php and this...

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not sure on this:

if you have phpmy admin, have you tried re-adding the zones section in the oscommerce.sql file to the sql structure?


i'm not sure if this would work... don't risk it untill someone else who knows sql better replies, but that's what i would try.. my store isn't even near completion, so in my case, i would be more inclinded to try that.

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You could also use a contribution such as this . The world zones cont. has the US states in it, all you have to do is erase the other countries your not interested in.

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Can't I just mysqldump the database zone table from another install and reinsert into mine?


I really just need the continental US. It's not cost effective to ship Printed products outside of the US.



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Your site looks really good. Just a couple of suggestions:


1. Use a smaller logo - it uses up too much real estate.


2. Ditch the AOL messenger box. Your site design says "Bring it on Kinko's", but the AOL messenger link says "I'm just a small fry". The live support feature you have is much more professional (when it becomes functional).


Good luck with the business!



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You know I thought about this (the AOL thing) the only reason why I did it is because most of my current competition have it on there. I figured if it is there, they are probably benefiting from it- I have a link on live support for AIM, as well as designers.. so that may be enough.. :)



I personally think the way you do regarding it taking awya from the professionalism of the site, and when I get into work tomorrow, I'm gonna take it off...



As for the logo thing, as everything is pretty much placed, it would be very difficult to redo the templates - so I'm figuring to leave it as there isn't anything that could be used in that space anyways... It's just reinforced branding I spose...


Thanks for the feedback, really good stuff!!!




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