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The e-commerce.

Speed is a BIG problem for my site.


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My site: http://www.canada-sports-supplement.com/ not yet live, seems to load really slow in many situations. especially when browsing to the categories "shop by category", or when browsing to the manufacturers "shop by brand" links....


esp. the categories that have more items like "protein supplements" or a brand like sci-fit. these pages take really long to load.


however, the individual product pages seems to load just fine. I've installed the speed contrib, set gzip to 1, and cache enabled, and optimized all the images...


why are the category and manufacturer pages loading so slowly??

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when i went to your supplement page, it sat there forever, then everything just appeared... its like its having a long time calling stuff from the DB.


What kind of connection are your server(s) on? Is this connection possibly maxed out? Let me know. Maybe you need a better host or faster server.



I also notice that it looks like you use the search engine friendly option right? I have not used this before...i wonder if thishas something to do with it...i dont think it should though.

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thanks for checking. I believe the host server is fine, i have other sites hosted with them, and they load up fast.


I do have the SE friendly option set to yes. I don't know if that affects it, I will check it out.

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Could it be one of the contributions that I installed that might be causing this slow loading problem? I've installed these mods:


big size image

ccgb-510b (coupons and gift voucher)

easy populate

faster page load

featured products

header tags controller

multiple categories

osc affiliate

price break mod

pay without account

review approval system

shopping cart enhancement

simple template system



before I go and uninstall these 1 by 1, can someone tell me if it might be a contribution that's causing the slowness?

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