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1062 - Duplicate entry '0' for key 1


insert into orders (customers_id, customers_name, customers_company, customers_street_address, customers_suburb, customers_city, customers_postcode, customers_state, customers_country, customers_telephone, customers_email_address, customers_address_format_id, delivery_name, delivery_company, delivery_street_address, delivery_suburb, delivery_city, delivery_postcode, delivery_state, delivery_country, delivery_address_format_id, billing_name, billing_company, billing_street_address, billing_suburb, billing_city, billing_postcode, billing_state, billing_country, billing_address_format_id, payment_method, cc_type, cc_owner, cc_number, cc_expires, date_purchased, orders_status, currency, currency_value) values ('12', 'adrian padilla', '', '16 e alex bell rd', '', 'centerville', '45459', 'Ohio', 'United States', '937-439-6324', '[email protected]', '2', 'adrian padilla', '', '16 e alex bell rd', '', 'centerville', '45459', 'Ohio', 'United States', '2', 'adrian padilla', '', '16 e alex bell rd', '', 'centerville', '45459', 'Ohio', 'United States', '2', 'Check/Money Order', '', '', '', '', now(), '1', 'USD', '1.00000000')





that is the error that i get when my customers get when they try to confirm a order,


please please help methis is a live store

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HI Adrian,


I think Yesudo is on the right track, I had this error when integrating the HSBC payment module and Random order ID contrib.


What was happening was the same order ID was atempted to be written twice to the orders table and it din't like it at all.


Thats where I'd start looking.



Literally, Laterally Thinking! If you cannot get through it, go round it.

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ok i have a couple of mods done to this store


randon order # and ip address on order and that is all


i am looking at my table for "order id" what would i be looking for?


thank you for your help


i thank people who know for helping people who dont........umm well like me

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Thank you very much for your help. I am able to take order now again and would like to extend my sincerest gratitude t you for helping me

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"This version deals with the problem of generating duplicate order numbers, which (as far as I know) all the previous versions suffer from."

I would like to know how that premise is reached.

Your online success is Paramount.

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