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:ph34r: Hi all I hope someone can advice on what to do ?????? Please


Just a quick question regarding this master products contribution, well ive got bundles of products and i would like to also add this contribution to the bundles offering differnet manufacturers of that one bundle which consists of several products, i would like to have a drop down of different manufacturers of the bundle but im sure how to go about doing this as i was told that this is not possible.....




I have product name Haicom GPS reciever which consists GPS Receiver


Unique PDA connecting lead with carcharger

Mini - 1394 USB cable

Serial Cable


Driver Cd


basically these come in the bundle, this is where it gets tricky i now want to add a drop down which shows different manufacturers of this bundle like DELL, HP, IPAc.........and so on which i want to deduct from the inventory, it deducts the items which are in the bundle but does not deduct the attributes of this product ie DELL, HP, IPAC ............ ive added the bundles as different ones to the inventory ie....


Haicom GPS reciever bundle consisting of theproducts within that bundle (dell)

Haicom GPS reciever(ipac)

Haicom GPS reciever(HP)


and so on, but these are hidden as i do not want 50 different types of the same product on one page just a simple drop down displaying which manufacturer you would like to purchase.


Is there something im doing wrong regarding this contribution.....




could someone please help me with the solution..............






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