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The e-commerce.

6000 visitors/day, is it a lot of traffic?

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My store has 6000 visitors, 40000 page views and 900000 hits a day, which produces a log file for more than 300M a day. in peak time I have around 150 visitors online at the same time.


Is it busy? I use a dedicated server but some of my affiliates reported my site is loading slow (20 seconds before it could be loaded).


Does any one have a store that has samiliar traffic as I have? do you have any loading issue? if you do, how to you solve it?





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Assuming your site is orientalgiftgallery.com, then you may have some other problems that need to be addressed.


If your actual people (as in real human) visitors is 6000 a day, then you are doing great, especially with a page view depth of almost 7 pages per visitor.


Unfortunately, I'm guessing a lot of these visitors and page views are spiders, not people. When a spider visits your site, they are getting session id's in the URL's, which will make a spider get stuck on your site. They should not see URL's such as:


but, they do (I checked with a spider simulator).


Search the forum for session id and spider, and I'm sure you'll find out how to fix this. And yes, fixing this will help performance, once the spiders get 'unstuck', which may take a while.



Dan Stevens

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Okay, I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask what most of you will think is a stupid question.


I thought I understood spiper but now I'm thinking I do not. I went to the websites that were suggested in this post and put in the url of the website I am working on. The results were quite confusing.


So, could someone please expain to me what the spider simulation does and it's purpose. Please forgive me for asking but I just like to know as much as I can.


Thank you for understanding......



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Hi, the discussion deviates to spiders. my original post is:


Anybody have a store with samiliar traffic? do you have any traffic problems? how do you deal with it?

Might be a little to late.... but according to alexa your site is loading pretty fast!




DOES anyone have collection of cliparts?

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