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Adding a second tax rate


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Some of my suppliers need to charge a goods and services tax (gst) on top of a provincial sales tax (pst) .


What I need to do:

Ontario residents pay 7% pst

Everyone pays 8% GST on some items on top of the pst for Ontario residents.




Can I do this?





Thanks in advance!

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I had the same problem & I'll try to figure out what I did and let you know! I'll get back to you in a moment or two!

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Ok, what I did was add two tax zones - One for the GST & one for the HST (I'm in NB)


What I have done afterwards is simply go to the tax rates & added two rates. One which is the 7% GST & the other I made it 8% HST. Now what I also did was put each at a 0 priority & that way if someone is from NB, it auto charges them at 15% and if you buying from me, it's only at 7%.


I couldn't find any other way to do it, so I think this will work.


Hope this helps out!

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Yes this is the answer.

I added a few zones

gst only (for books)

pst only (for items from a supplier who does not charge gst)


created the proper zones in the above zones. ie added canada and all for the gst only zone. Added canada/all and canada/ontario and applied to the gst-pst zone. Created canada-ontario for the pst only zone.


Added the proper rates and voila, all is working.


Thanks for your advice!!

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