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Logged out and new session ID created

WS Evolution

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When I log into the shop I am logged out after 2 clicks.


The First click the session ID is removed, but the cart remains the same.

The second click a new session ID is created and the cart is empty.


Sessions Ids work 100% when customers are not logged in.


It is still possible to order through the checkout process as long as you log in at check out, but if you want to edit the cart the same thing happens and you are asked to log in again to continue the checkout process. Also when you re-log-in any changes you make in the cart have not been implemented.


I have checked the application top and sessions.php but see no errors.


Can someone help me solve this problem?

Can anyone suggest were the error will be?


Many Thanks,



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I have just experimented with cookies on in my browser and firewall off and the problem does not occur. Never had this problem before with the safe browser settings, so I still think there is a bug somewhere that is related to sessions and logging in.

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in admin pannel. click session. see session directory. remember the name and open ur site with a ftp program. go into admin, find the folder, right click, choose CHMD or change mode etc (some have this feature in properties, its write, delete, update rights).. and make all fields to be CHECKED. ALL should be checked or i mean change the folder permission to 777.

i guess it might solve it. try it.

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I have just worked out that it happens when going from https => http..


so if you stay in SSL until log out you are OK if you leave SSL you are logged out and assigned a new session ID..


I think I will start a new post about this issue.....

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