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The e-commerce.

I hope to help me


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If I buy computer for example , can I add other accessories or other requirment in same page of this product


and the customers do that thru combo box, chose the screen , memory , CPU , etc.

they must chose it in same page



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You can do that by using the product attributes as well...that's what I've done on my site to sell additional related products. For instance, If someone buys a specific type of windsock, I'll have poles and line listed as additional products to choose from. Check out this page to see if this is what you're trying to do:

My Webpage

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It's Ms. Blowin! lol


Anyway...what you do is go to your admin panel and click on catalog and then product attributes. You will see three sections: Product Options, Product Variables and Product Attributes. If you look at the page that I sent you as an example, kite line, poles and windsock line are the Product Options, the stuff in the drop down boxes are the Product Variables. You need to set those first for the product. Once you have those entered, then you go to the bottom section Product Variables. There is a drop down box with a list of all of your products in your catalog. Find the product that you want options for. In the next box, you will see the product options that you entered. Select a product option. In the third box you will see the product variables...select one variable (you have to go through this same process for each option and variable to get them all in the drop down box). The next box lists the price of that variable. If the variable doesn't have a price enter 0.00. The last box is a plus or minus depending on if the variable will add to the price or deduct from the price. I hope that gets you started! Let me know if you have more questions....

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